Alliance of Tenant Representatives

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Did you know we are members of the Alliance of Tenant Representatives?

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Scott McMurrian, President, BonnE,  was selected unanimously to serve as one of three on the ATR’s board of directors at the 2014 ATR conference. The ATR board provides leadership to the ATR partners from New York City to San Francisco and the board determines if a company is a suitable candidate for invitation to membership. The key distinction for membership is not the size of the company, but rather the brokers experience and demonstrable commitment to exclusively representing the interests of tenants.

The Alliance of Tenant Representatives was founded upon the principal that a real estate advisor cannot serve two masters: They will inevitably serve the best interest of either the tenant or the landlord, or the buyer or the seller. In addition, many general brokerage firms are simply sales organizations that process transactions the way that a fast food restaurant processes hamburgers. While these fast food spots may be good at what they do, they don’t provide the quality that you’d find at a fine bistro nor can they attract the top chefs.


All of our members agree on the following principals:

  • Only represent the fiduciary interests of Tenants or Buyers. Never represent the interests of Landlords, Developers or their underlying Lenders.
  • As a fiduciary of a client we will always do what is in the best interest of the client, and will deliver undivided loyalty above the needs of all others, including our own. We believe that this approach has created and will continue to create long lasting and reciprocal relationships upon which we base our business.
  • All proprietary information and strategic discussions regarding motivation, terms, or value with our clients shall remain confidential unless our client instructs us to divulge such information as deemed appropriate during the course of negotiations. All such information shall be held in strictest confidence regardless of whether a transaction has been completed or not.
  • All clients shall have the benefit of competent, thoughtful, diligent, and creative representation. ATR commits to having principles of the representative firms involved in all client transactions, and further promotes the continuing education of all principles with dedication to becoming an industry leader in the development and application of new technologies and methods of business that promote our client’s needs and interests.
  • In all business dealings and practices we will commit to full disclosure of any potential conflict, and will be accountable for resolution of any conflict encountered.


If you want an advocate for your business with no conflict of interest, contact us today!