Real Property Lease Checklist The real property lease checklist addresses some of the most common issues that occur when a real property lease is being negotiated.  After reviewing it, you should be in good position to understand what to look for in any real property lease.  Of course, before signing […]

Real Property Lease Checklist

Is your building’s agent representing your interest? Did your last broker represent you and the landlord?  It really makes sense that a conflict of interest could hurt your bottom line. However, it typically goes unnoticed.  Why? The extra rent you pay, but “didn’t have to” is attributed to the cost of doing […]

What a conflict of interest could cost you

Commercial Lease Form
  Caveat emptor is Latin for “Let the buyer beware”. Generally Caveat emptor was the property law doctrine that controlled the sale of real property after the date of closing. In many states, including Texas commercial leases are not covered under consumer protection laws that normally safeguard tenant rights. It is […]

Caveat emptor