Commercial Lease Space Assessment


Over 50% of clients have an issue with their office or industrial space inconsistent with their lease expiration.
To assist our clients in evaluating their needs, we have developed this Commercial Lease Space Assessment.


1) Has the firm developed a new product or service that will need more employees?

2) Has the business model changed dramatically, resulting smaller, larger or different production areas?

3)  Have you won or lost a major contract affecting your head counts?

4)  Have any of the operations of the firm been sold off, resulting in excess space?

5) Have any of the service groups left since the lease was signed, resulting in excess space?

6)  Does your firm occupy over 75% of your floor or building?

7)  Do you need to invest in a major technological or capital improvement and have less than 36 months remaining on your lease?

8)  Is any of your space non-contiguous?

9)  Would you prefer it to be all together in one building, one set of elevators, or with access to the same docks?

10) Has your firm been acquired by a company with superior credit?

11) Do you have less than 2 years remaining on your lease?

12) Is your pre-negotiated renewal rate is below current market rentals?

13) Has your building recently been sold?

14)  Has the firm grown through acquisition?

15)  Have you taken over space in small quantities, resulting in a space that no longer works as a complete unit?

16) To implement your business plan, do you need more flexibility through expansion options and rights to terminate?


If you answered YES to 3 or more questions, you may benefit from a relocation either within or outside of your existing building or an expansion within your existing building.  For a complementary analysis of your ability to reduce your rental rate please fill out our contact form.





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