How It’s Done

We serve as your guide through the lease or purchase negotiation process.


The Leasing Process



Fact Finding/Research

Define Basic space requirements (1 day)

        • Size and layout
        • Expansion and option space
        • Price and lease term
        • Geographical Area
        • Intangibles and goals

Tour/Request for Proposals

Selection/interview support team (1-7 days)

        • Space planner if needed
        • Interior design if desired
        • Attorney to review lease documents
        • CPA if needed

Determine Alternatives Available (7-14 days)

        • General market knowledge of deals available & database search
        • Verification of terms and conditions
        • Review list with client

Narrow down alternatives (7-14 days)

        • Tours with client of likely alternatives
        • Selection of 3-5 best alternatives
        • Space planning of best alternatives
        • Review and re-draw of space plans
        • Selection of top 2-3 alternatives
        • Request for proposals on top alternatives


Analysis of proposals and alternatives (1-7 days)

        • Financial analysis
        • Layout efficiencies
        • Intangibles and goal analysis

Choose Best Alternative

Final Selection (7-27 days)

        • Choose top alternative with client
        • Establish terms required
        • Prepare and present counter-offer
        • Approve, re-negotiate, or select other alternative
        • Review lease for business points
        • Review lease for legal points
        • Review work letter
        • Re-negotiate lease terms
        • Sign lease


Tenant Improvement Build-out (45-110 days)

        • Monitor progress
        • Report progress
        • Final walk through check

*Please note the timeline is a general guideline to the leasing process.