What We Do


Bottom Line Realty Advisors unique approach to advocating for our clients is part science, skill, and experience, and part art, innovation, and creativity. Helping our clients convert planning and leverage into actionable intelligence is the key to our success. In all of our project engagements, we aim to provide the kind of information and analysis that supports confident decisions and enables the realization of bold goals.

The scope of our services will include the following:

  • Determination of your goals and objectives
  • Consulting / strategic alliances / multi-market reach
  • Market research
  • Analysis of primary buildings and sites
  • Proposals
  • Comprehensive lease evaluation
  • Preliminary negotiations
  • Presentation of findings
  • Negotiations / letters of intent
  • Review and execution of necessary documents
  • Tenant lease management and lease audit services

As your tenant advocate, we…

We research all available properties and select those which are most appropriate for your business needs.

We help you gain the most leverage when negotiating your lease using our knowledge and experience. As a member of the Alliance of Tenant Representatives, we have access to the expertise from 25 other major markets, including Boston, New York City, Washington, Dallas, Houston, and Austin.

We make sure you are knowledgeable and understand the current market and your options.

Our job is to act as your real estate department…to advise you through all stages of the transaction process while giving you the tools to make the best decisions for your business.  We help you get result that help your bottom line!

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